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Jun 23, 2022
  • Added Streamline Max ID
  • Added Next pool display
  • Added feature to update user profile data on profile page
  • Added re-invest and auto re-invest feature (recurring re-invest will re-invest every day above 10$)
  • Enabled quit and delete button (only works if account balance is zero)

  • Added Documents to navigation
  • Added Hourglass on profil status while KYC is pending
  • Added admin function to reset a users 2-FA
  • Fixed KYC email input in phone field
  • Fixed some pool issues
  • Fixed payment fee issues

  • Rollout of the new paymentsystem to every account
  • Added option to pay out in BUSD (BEP20)
  • Fixed some graphical bugs
  • Added more support for smaller screens

  • Rollout of the new paymentsystem for the first 200 accounts
  • Dashboard background image blurred + changed on all backoffice sites
  • Changed the look of our social media icons to square-shaped
  • Added Ref-Link copy animation on button
  • Changed design of team structure on team site
  • Added forum button to navigation
  • Added KYC deny message to dashbaord
  • Added preview image on KYC file upload
  • Fixed mail server issues
  • Fixed KYC indicator issues
  • Fixed multiple account registration possibility

  • Added hourglass money to Firstline
  • Added hourglass money to Secondline
  • Added hourglass money to Streamline
  • Added hourglass money to Team site on every First- and Secondliner
  • Added option to switch profit table between "All" and "Last"
  • Added graph to show profit progress
  • Added "OPEN BETA" sign below logo
  • Fixed some pool errors
  • Fixed some responsive errors
  • Fixed ReCaptcha error on register
  • Fixed multiple same KYC submitting
  • Fixed some 2-FA QR-Code errors

  • Added Features for Pools
  • Changed Streamline to calculate Pools
  • Added switch button (unfinished) to switch between the first 10 and the last 10 Pools
  • Created 20 Pool icons (not final)
  • Removed previous Pool $ indicator above all pools
  • Added feature at the profit table to show pool profits as well
  • Added Pool calculations/requirements as showed in our company presentation PDF

  • Changed Streamline, that own Deposit counts in own Streamline
  • Added Hourglass symbol to indicate pending Deposits on the Finance site
  • Fixed wrong showed Profile on Team site -> Upline
  • Changed the register formular to only view specific postal address to fill out, if "is same as residetial address" is unchecked
  • Combined 2 checkboxes on register formular to one
  • Changed format of all numbers in Backoffice from "10.000,00" to "10'000.00"
  • Added red flags to register formular, if fields are not filled in corrertly.
  • Changed KYC max file size to be 8MB
  • Added support for directly take a photo with a smartphone on KYC uploads
  • Added salutation "Company" to the register formular
  • Fixed bugs on Iphone side with our KYC uploads
  • Fixed register bug on some clients
  • Fixed bug on KYCs where clients couldn't upload png screenshots
  • Changed backoffice version number to v1.02

  • Added descriptions for all questionmark-buttons
  • Changed some text to sound better
  • Changed error popups to red color
  • Fixed some writing mistakes
  • Changed website columns to same size overall
  • Fixed register error
  • Changed "VIEW ALL" button on team site to yellow color
  • Moved view/hide triangles on team site more to the username
Big Thanks to #127 C. von Rauscher for all the improvement suggestions

  • Added a lead time to ensure safer profits (Hourglass symbol below Deposit)
  • Changed profits from 0.16% max. to 1.6% max.
  • Removed payment gateway with USDC
  • Removed payment gateway with TUSD
  • Added pool graphics
  • Added Streamline user amount
  • Added login Face-ID support
  • Changed Google Recapcha v2 to v3
  • Added Company LinkedIn SocialMedia
  • Bugfixes
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